Now, we're delving into what problems can be caused by your joints being too flexible, ranging from neck and back pain to anxiety, headaches and low blood pressure. I hope this brings relief to some as you discover hypermobility might explain some of the weird things your body tends to do. I know my friends and family thought I was crazy for years when I would make comments about being lightheaded upon standing or that I was lazy for heavily avoiding any form of cardio. I will share my personal experiences while I explain the symptoms. I am also a certified yoga teacher so I look forward to sharing my knowledge of how hypermobility affects yoga in the future. Important to note that hypermobility might NOT be the explanation for some of these symptoms, so please make sure to be checked by a medical professional to ensure the true cause.

Bendy, flexible, double-jointed... it might actually be HYPERMOBILITY.

Also known as hyper flexibility or double-jointedness, joint hypermobility refers to certain joints in the body that bend more than what is considered normal. These people are usually gynmasts or dancers, people who are "good" at yoga or those who try to fly under the radar but  get turned into walking freakshows by their friends who request to see the "cool" tricks they can pull off, like bending their fingers all the way back to touch their hand or being able to dislocate their shoulders.