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Donut Bar LV | Las Vegas

Donut Bar LV | Las Vegas

In my first blog post I'm going to share my experience at Donut Bar Las Vegas - home of the #bestdonutsintheworld


In all of my downtown Las Vegas exploring, I noticed a cute little boutique donut shop I would frequently pass, called Donut Bar. Their flagship location opened in San Diego in 2013 and they quickly expanded to a spot inside terminal 2 of the San Diego International Airport. Their third location was set to open across from the Hard Rock, but luckily for me, they landed downtown at the 3,000 square foot facility that used to be "O Face Donuts". 

Without fail, every time I happen to walk past, there is writing on the windows reading "sold out". That's how they run their hours, 8 am until the last one is eaten. On Valentine's Day, they told me they were sold out by 9 am. I went the day afterward and was surprised to see they still had two trays of donuts left at 2 pm. They were running a "happy hour" special which was either BOGO donuts or all you could fit in a box for $10. Never being one to miss out on a good deal, and also not being able to decide on just one donut... definitely had to go for the box. Typically though, their donuts range in price from $2-$4. 

We sat inside by a donut filled fish tank, but there's also a large, inviting patio in the back of the building. There were 9 donuts I was able to stuff in the box: butterbeer, Nutella, salted caramel, espresso, blueberry meyer lemon, oh my birthday cake oreo, the classic Homer Simpson donut, samoa, and a vegan chai latte. 


Donut Bar has been deemed the "most award-winning donuts in the USA" and I can certainly see why. Each donut was unique, from flavor combo to texture. The birthday cake oreo has an entire oreo deep-fried in the middle with frosting that is identical to cake batter. "The Homer" is an oversized donut with the classic pink frosting & sprinkles. My favorite had to be the nutella, it was also oversized but extremely fluffy & the nutella frosting was the perfect ratio for the donut. My second favorite was the blueberry meyer lemon - it's a cake based donut that tastes exactly like a blueberry muffin with just the right hint of lemon. My dachshund Sausage's favorite would have been any of them, but I let him sample the chai latte since it was vegan. 


Their donut selection varies day to day, there are some staples but most of their offerings are seasonal. To get the best selection arrive as close to opening as possible, especially considering their San Diego location is used to seeing lines around the block. To absolutely guarantee you'll get your donut fix they offer online ordering of a dozen or more from 3pm-9pm the day before. Definitely worth planning ahead on this one because you don't want to be disappointed by a sellout. 


If you are visiting the Las Vegas area, don't forget to check out the unique and artistic downtown Las Vegas. This area has changed drastically the last few years and is really blossoming into a highly desirable area for locals and tourists alike. Wake up early one morning for the Donut Bar experience, it is more than worth the calories! Have you been? Share your favorite donut below! 

Bendy, flexible, double-jointed... it might actually be HYPERMOBILITY.

Bendy, flexible, double-jointed... it might actually be HYPERMOBILITY.